On Thu, Sep 04, 2003, Sweetleaf wrote:
>I am planning on setting up a host which has several OS's via....
>VMware-4.x.  Vmware-4 only runs on linux, so the host OS has to be linux
>according to their website and i suppose i will have freebsd etc.. as the
>so my questions is, which linux distro out of the following supported by
>VMware would be the best foundation regards to stability, speed,
>security, easy to update and install apps etc... I think memory
>management and diskspeed would also be important.
>>From their website, the following distros are supported
> redhat 
> suse
> mandrake

I did a fair amount of research late last when we had to move our
Linux work from Caldera's distribution, and decided on SuSE.
We've installed 30 or more SuSE 8.[12] systems since the first of
the year, and I've been very happy with it (we use the OpenPKG
package management system so our modifications are portable and
independent of the vendor's whether it's Linux or FreeBSD).

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