"What is the difference between what I am telling the
DNS server and outgoing gateway router to do when I enter into my browser
address box 'http://www.bsdcon.kwiki.org' and when I enter into my browser
address box 'http://bsdcon.kwiki.org'?"

In this particular case, there is no difference. Both names point to the same IP address:

1-sec# nslookup www.bsdcon.kwiki.org
Server:  localhost

Name:    www.bsdcon.kwiki.org

2-sec# nslookup bsdcon.kwiki.org
Server:  localhost

Name:    bsdcon.kwiki.org

You see different sites for the different names because the server is using named virtual domains. In other words, the fact that your browser connects via one name or the other is the reason why you see different content as the result.


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