Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> Jesse Guardiani <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> During a recent programming/installation
>> project, I found myself wanting to know
>> the peak memory usage of a given command/process.
>> Is there any way to gather this information
>> without recompiling an application with a
>> sleep or wait statement at the (assumed)
>> point of peak memory usage and then looking
>> at the process with 'ps'?
> Running under a debugger is one typical way of doing this.
> For strictly malloc(3)'d memory, a memory profiler will be an easier
> option.  If I remember correctly, there is a choice of them in the
> ports system.

These are generally things you have to compile into your
applications, right? I'm specifically dealing with Perl
and Python scripts that I did not write.

However, I do some C programming from time to time, and
learning how to use a memory profiler/leak detector is
extremely appealing to me.

Which is your favorite?
Which works the best?


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