I've been battling this for some time, and I figured perhaps someone here
has done this already.  I have a 60GB IDE drive in a firewire enclosure.
Works great w/FreeBSD.  It's partitioned like so:

Offset       Size(ST)        End     Name  PType       Desc  Subtype

         0         63         62        -     12     unused        0
        63   94365747   94365809    da0s1      8    freebsd      165
  94365810   22860495  117226304    da0s2      7        fat        6
 117226305       5103  117231407        -     12     unused        0

And I'd like to use one of those spare fdisk partitons (not a slice) on my
OS-X machine for backup purposes.  The "fat" partition is left over from a
test to see if a "newfs_msdos" partition would mount on OS-X (it did).
Any idea on the partition ID for HFS?

>From the little info I could find, OS-X/Apple has their own partition
table in sector 2, which is independant of the "normal" partition table.

Rather than delve into this further and confuse the issue, I'll leave this
at "Has anyone done this?"...


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