On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 02:39:27PM -0400, Brent Bailey wrote:
> Im using FBSD 4.8rc1 ..IM getting ready to install rsync to help with
> mirroring to another redundant FBSD box. I was wondering if anyone could
> point me a a good howto for this ?

Oooh... an easy one.

    # cd /usr/ports/net/rsync
    # make install
> any and all help is greatly appreciated

Actually, I guess you aren't asking so much about how to install
rsync(1), as how to do the mirroring to the second machine.

The thing to realise is that rsync on FreeBSD runs over ssh(1) by
default.  Presumably you want the rsync job to happen automatically,
which means you need to set up a mechanism by which ssh(1) can
authenticate to the other machine without stopping to input a

That's explained here:


Once you've got the authentication bit working, then it's simply a
matter of running something derived from this at regular intervals:



    fslist="/ /usr /home"

    for fs in $fslist ; 
      rsync -azx --delete ${remote}:${fs}/ ${fs}/

Note that you'll need to run as root on both ends of the connection,
which implies that you'll be allowing root access without a password
from one machine to the other, so you need to pay attention to the
features available in the authorized_keys file to ameliorate the
damage possible should the key be stolen.



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