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> On Friday 05 September 2003 18:18, Dragoncrest wrote:
> > Recently I had my BSD install go totally down in flames with a smashing
> > finale where it exploded into a billion pieces and wafted off into
> > oblivion.  (blame the hardware, not me.)  Anywho, I've since resurrected
> > the box but with one strange little quirk.  The mouse freaks out like a
> > cat on crack.  Any movement causes it to jump to the upper left corner,
> > go absolutely apesh** and do some totally weird things like false right
> > and left clicks even if all I'm doing is moving the mouse.  Reboot
> > didn't resolve the issue (had to reboot anyways as part of a kernel
> > rebuild) so I am assuming it's not a hardware issue.  The mouse works
> > fine in the console, but it absolutely will not work under X.  Any
> > ideas?  I've even rebuilt my X config several times.
> I had this too. You needn't kill moused.
> There's most likely something wrong with your X11 config file.
> Try setting the
> device to /dev/sysmouse and the protocol to auto.
> If this doesn't work, please post the mouse section of the X11
> config file and
> what mouse you have.
> Daniela

Try using the script configuration (I forget which option (#3 I think)) for
X instead of the gui or ncurses based tools.  This fixed the issue on the
5.1 install I was playing with a few days ago (be sure to specify
"/dev/sysmouse" and "auto" as Daniela suggested when doing this as well).

Also, make sure the mouse isn't running through a KVM to minimize other odd


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