On Saturday 06 September 2003 23:07, X-Ception wrote:
> hi
> suppose il make this email short and sweet im the admin of an irc server
> and we are lookign at expanding but becouse peopel charge so much for irc
> shells we are unable to do so so a friend said try asking the online
> community so here i am  i know this appears to be cheeky but i guess its
> worth a try so here i am :) hope you can help

This isn't the place to look for ppl with freebsd boxes who want to link to 
your server !
It's more a place to ask for help, or for suggestions, etc.

> p.s
> we do expect most/all to say no anyway but thankyou once again for your
> time the only thing we can offer you is a free advertising slot on our
> webpage ( http://www.x-ception.net )

Why did you even bother asking? :-)

Kind regards,

Guilmot Mike
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