I have an ATAPI CD writer that I have on /dev/cd0c via atapicam.  It 
works fine for regular data use, but I can't seem to play an audio cd 
with it.  I have tried both xmcd and KsCD under KDE.  In both, the 
device used is the raw device /dev/rcd0c which has the same permissions 
and ownership as the regular /dev/cd0c device.

With xmcd, the audio cd is at least recognized as the correct artist and 
album name is displayed, but it will not play.  Under KsCD, the cd 
information is not displayed, but it will at least let me push play.  
The only problem is that the counter stays at 00:00 and no audio comes 

Is there some other procedure that I need to do first to enable the 
playing of audio cd?  I thought about maybe adding /dev/rcd0c to the 
fstab file, but I don't know if that is the way to go about it.  Thank 
you for any assistance.

Todd Stephens

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