Hi all
I have a named running on my mail server machine (running 4.8-stable, synched today). 
The server machine lives behind an SMC Barricade access point/router. The SMC doesn’t 
pass DNS through but acts as a name server itself. So I have my named.conf set up so 
that it forwards requests to the SMC.
The weird thing is, after a reboot, named doesn’t work. If I do a nslookup for any 
addresses outside of my own domain, they time out. It looks like the DNS responses are 
coming back (if I run named –d 1), but aren’t being handled properly. However, if I 
“killall -9 named” and rerun named, then the new named process works. It’s just the 
first post-boot named process that seems to be broken.
Anyone seen this, and have an explanation?

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