On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 22:45, Philip Kizer wrote:
> Donald Burr of Borg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [Description of:]
> >Our gateway machine and server gets its own IP,              IP A.
> >My desktop machine is hooked up via ethernet.  It should get IP B.
> >Same thing as above for my roomie's desktop, except it gets  IP C.
> >[all else] Ideally I'd like them to be NAT'ted behind        IP A
> Not really that strange a routing situation, and definitely pretty easy,
> here's one possible way:
[SNIP solution]

Just wondering...

..I've had to play with bridging recently because I'm playing with
protocols that have IP's embedded in them, so I can't use NAT - would it
be possible (though probably somewhat more complicated) to bridge the
two ethernet interfaces together and NAT the third interface to an
overloaded IP A?

That way you get around needing to NAT the servers (which in my case I
couldn't do anyway).


Aled Treharne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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