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Sorry for all the responses that don't directly answer your question,
but you did ask it in a rather tactless way by saying it's a mess w/o
understanding the reasoning behind it.

> Almost  every  package  I  install requires a few other packages. This
> 'idea   of   using   dependent  packages'  turns  FreeBSD  (and  other
> unix-systems) to an ugly monster.

This is because the packages are ment to be a one size fits all system.
If you want to eliminate some of the dependancies, then you are free to
build the port yourself.  There is plenty of documentation in the handbook
about how the port system works.

> For  example, I don't need Perl or Python but a few packages I install
> require them.

This is for the people that do want the perl and/or python extensions
that the package provides.  The packages are targeted at the widest
audience.  If you don't need them, then build the port yourself.

> Does exist a programming under unix without these dependencies?
> P.S.  Under Windows it is possible to write not bad applications which
> depend  just  on  libraries (KERNEL32, USER32, GDI32).  And these libs
> exist on every base system!!!

Just like libc, libcrypto, libcurses, libssl, etc.  It's just that some
of the GNU libraries change too often, and are not used by the base
system.  As someone else pointed out, you have to have vbrunXXX.dll
installed and of the proper version.  Many windows installs tell you
how/where to download said app.

Though windows doesn't let you just run a single command like:
pkg_add -r python

and automaticly get the program installed.

The real problem is the ports software.  You need to complain to the
authors of the ports for writing the code in this manner.  We choose
to make the software easier to install so new people don't have to learn
as much about configuring and installing software.

If you don't like the ports system, we don't for you to use it.  You
can just go out and build and install all the software by hand.

> Is it possible in unix?
> Before I thought that unix programs very compact, but they are huge!

They are, it's just some aren't writen to be small.

I hope this help you understand.

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