[Warning: semi-useless information ahead]

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 11:06:15AM +0000, Geoff Buckingham wrote:
> However I just read the newfs man page and am intrigued to know what effect
> the -g and -h options have....

Somewhere in -STABLE between 4.8-RELEASE and a month or so ago I recreated
a filesystem [~50 GB] on a single disk and used these two options [-g (~8
MB) -h ~8, IIRC] and after mounting any writes would cause a panic. Other
options were -U -m 1%, IIRC.

At the time I didn't try to debug and just dropped those two options and
made a new filesystem, then all was well. I think this was about a month
or two ago. Sorry for the extreme vagueness, but I thought it better to
mention it.

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