In the last episode (Sep 01), Denis Troshin said:
> Almost  every  package  I  install requires a few other packages.
> This 'idea of using dependent packages' turns FreeBSD (and other
> unix-systems) to an ugly monster.
> For  example, I don't need Perl or Python but a few packages I
> install require them.
> Does exist a programming under unix without these dependencies?
> P.S.  Under Windows it is possible to write not bad applications
> which depend just on libraries (KERNEL32, USER32, GDI32).  And these
> libs exist on every base system!!!

Windows has the same problems.  Are you seriously saying you've never
had to download a vbrun*.dll to get a Windows program that required
Visual Basic to run?  Or maybe had to download one of the many patches
that afflict the MS Java implementation?

> Is it possible in unix?

Of course.  Most programs in the ports tree are standalone.  95% of the
programs in the base system are standalone.
> Before I thought that unix programs very compact, but they are huge!

Some are huge, some are small.  There are a lot of Windows programs
that are huge too (MS Word, for example).

        Dan Nelson
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