First off, let me say that FreeBSD is one of the cleanest systems out there as the developers try to remove bigger packages from the base system instead of adding more bloat every release. One example would be the removal of perl from the base distribution in 5.x.

As for perl and the other scripting languages, the actual scripts are often very small because developers don't need to reinvent the wheel everytime but instead make use of the huge repository of existing classes and libraries. On Windows for example most software packages include their own dependencies. I have seen applications installing their own scripting environments, even their own Java VMs - apart from a dozen of dlls...

If you want to develop graphical applications, let me recommend you to take a look at the GNUstep project ( It provides a complete and clean API but is very small in comparison to the likes of KDE/Qt or GNOME.


Denis Troshin wrote:
Almost  every  package  I  install requires a few other packages. This
'idea   of   using   dependent  packages'  turns  FreeBSD  (and  other
unix-systems) to an ugly monster.

For  example, I don't need Perl or Python but a few packages I install
require them.

Does exist a programming under unix without these dependencies?

P.S.  Under Windows it is possible to write not bad applications which
depend  just  on  libraries (KERNEL32, USER32, GDI32).  And these libs
exist on every base system!!!

Is it possible in unix?

Before I thought that unix programs very compact, but they are huge!

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