I'm trying to build a bootable BSD 4.8 CD. Nothing fancy, just a shell and maybe a few utilities, but I have a specific problem.

Whenever I boot from the CD, the computer asks for the root filesystem. I point it toward the CD (cd9660:acd0), but it hangs on "Mounting root from cd9660:acd0...". My guess is that it can't find the mfsroot file. So, I tried all the possibilities: a zipped and unzipped file, upper and lower case filename, upper and lower case listing in /boot/loader.conf, and nothign worked. Does anyone know the proper way the mfsroot file should be done, or another problem that could be causing this?

I have /sbin/init on the disk, and rc didn't load; I inserted 'echo "rc loaded."' into the rc file, and didn't get any messages.

Any help would be nice, and I wil answer what questions I can about this.
Dan Harrison
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