> I download 5.1 ISO freebsd from a ftp, and I  use UltraISO extract it to 
> d:\freebsd 
> ..My computer is parted two primary  partitions C: D:. On D:  ,there is few 
> files , I want to 
> install freebsd on d:.how can i do .I can not use floppy to boot .how to 
> use fbsdboot.exe to boot. Thank you .

Can you boot from a CD?   If so, burn the ISO on to a CD and boot from 
it and use the install system that it comes with it to set up the disk.  
NOTE that it will not call the slices C: or D:.  THey will probably be 
something like da0s1 and da0s2 or maybe wd0s1 and wd0s2

THere are pretty detailed instructions in the FreeBSD Handbook (online
at the FreeBSD web page) on this stuff.


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