Hi everyone,

I am trying to find out how to get sound configured on my machine with FreeBSD 4.8 (or 
even 5.1) for that matter.  I have a Creative Soundblaster Live! card.  I added sound 
to the kernel, rebooted, and made the device(for 4.8).  I can see the card in dmesg, 
and even get a volume control (using KDE), but cannot play any sounds.  “fstat | 
grep dsp” shows artsd running.  But running or not, I have no sound.

I have searched the various related lists, checked the handbook, google.com/bsd, etc, 
and can find no definite answer to my question.  I understand that SB Live isn’t 
supported, yet some people say that have them set up and working, and that there is no 
reason they should not work in BSD.  I’m just wondering if there is anything that I 
can do, or are any resources to check into.

Thanks in advance,


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