Kees Jan Koster wrote:

Dear All,

I use the Gnome GDM2 greeter in graphical mode, but recent versions of
it dump core (signal 6). This happens on both machines that I use it on.
One is a desktop and the other is a laptop, so I dounbt it is a hardware

My OS is FreeBSD-stable, cvsupped as of this week. I use portupgrade to
keep my ports up to date.

To reproduce:

* install recent (this week) version of FreeBSD's gdm2 port.
* start it using the shell script in /usr/X11R6/etc/rc.d
* choose the configure option
* enter root password
* pick graphical mode
* *churn, churn* *POW* signal 6

warning: GDM greeter will not restart at all after following the above
procedure. I removed the port and reinstalled it to fix the problem.

Plain mode (default) works fine, so that is what I use now.

Anyone else see this problem? How do I fix this?

As a quick olution apply this in to libart_lgpl2.

--- art_render_gradient.c.orig Mon Sep 8 07:32:33 2003
+++ art_render_gradient.c Sun Sep 7 20:18:18 2003
@@ -336,10 +336,10 @@
assert ((stops[ix-1].offset <= offset_fraction + EPSILON) ||
((stops[ix].offset > (1.0 - EPSILON)) && (offset_fraction < E
== 0.0*/)));
assert (offset_fraction <= stops[ix].offset);
- assert (fabs (offset_fraction - stops[ix-1].offset) > EPSILON ||
+/* assert (fabs (offset_fraction - stops[ix-1].offset) > EPSILON ||
(d_offset >= 0.0));
assert (fabs (offset_fraction - stops[ix].offset) > EPSILON ||
- (d_offset <= 0.0));
+ (d_offset <= 0.0));*/
while (width > 0)

All the best, Alexander.

Yours, Kees Jan

Kees Jan Koster e-mail: kjkoster "at"
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