At 04:02 PM 9.7.2003 -0400, Chuck Swiger wrote:
>Jack L. Stone wrote:
>[ ... ]
>Yes, I read that you've swapped most of the hardware out without result;
can you 
>set up a second machine running the same software and configuration and see 
>whether it crashes in a similar fashion (or at all)?
As I said earlier, I did set up a second machine (after all the hardware
switching first) -- same thing. That's why I have concluded the problem
must be the system.

It did it on RELEASE-4.7 and now RELEASE-4.8

>These don't provide any information that seems particularly relevant to 
>diagnosing the problem.
That was my conclusion too & why I resorted to the list for help.

>[ The data says what services you're running-- apache, perl, sendmail, 
>spamassassin, and suggest that your machine was idle or under a light load
>the crashes happened.  By weak inference, that suggests against a thermal 
>problem like poor CPU cooling, but I wouldn't be certain of even that. ]

Nope... plenty cool and switching the entire server eliminates ALL hardware
as being it.


Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

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