I'm attempting to install FreeBSD 4.8 on a system which will boot it and also Windows 2000 Server. I've done this with two multiboot utilities: the simple boot manager that comes with FreeBSD and V Communications' System Commander.

In both cases, I have found that when I install FreeBSD it corrupts neighboring NTFS and FAT partitions. After the install, the OSes in these partitions fail to boot or the partitions become entirely unreadable. Whether I tell FreeBSD not to install an MBR or whether I tell it to install its boot manager, the result is the same: Neighboring partitions are being corrupted to the point where one can not get to data on them.

I realize that dual booting is not common, but I need to do it on this laptop. Has anyone else on the lists encountered this problem?

Yes. I had it corrupt a copy of Win XP on a desktop I installed it on. My solution, I'm sorry to say, was to get another hard drive and re-install Windows on that. If I wanted to use windows, switch the hard drives in the OS detect order in the BOIS. :\

I don't know how practical it is on a laptop, but I wanted to tell you that you are not alone.

Good luck.
Dan Harrison
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