Jonas wrote:

> I have the exact same problem with two brand new MB's from Asus. The
> model is P4P800 and P4P800-VM and all the drives are brand new Seagate
> IDE drives. I have removed the CD-ROM drive and the box boots up fine
> with Primary and Secondary master but as soon as I add a 3rd drive the
> boot process hangs on ata0 (or ata1) "Resetting devices....". Changing
> the drive to Cable-Select or putting the slave at the end of the cable
> doesn't fix the problem either.
> I'm going to call Asus tech support tomorrow but any thoughts
> suggestions are appreciated.

My friend had similar problem on his M/B with Intel 865 chipset, which is
P4P800 uses. Switching the CDROM and IDE drives around may solve the
problem. Since I have no one, I cannot confirm. Try to update the BIOS
with very caution because only vertain version may work properly.

Here is another example on latest Intel 875 chipset-based M/B.
It has very headache booting problem with adding devices.
Intel released a number of BIOS to fix related problem, but ???

BIOS versions 05, 06, 08, 10 and 11 are hanging on various things
during boot.
07 and 09 kindly work in general cases, but must have some other issues
so making Intel keep to update the BIOS.
BIOS version 12 is out, but it still hangs during boot, and we do not know
why because two identical machines, one can boot, where the other cannot.

Common hanging issues:
    CDROM may need to be the master instead of slave
    additional I/O card, such as certain video adapters,
    IDE or SCSI controllers, additional external disk drives
    may cause system hang.


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