On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 02:53:30AM -0700, Mike Maltese wrote:
> An edited version of the FreeBSD vs. Linux Shootout that recently aired on
> TechTV's "The ScreenSavers" will be available at around 4 AM PDT.  The audio
> synchronization issues are fixed and by trimming out the other segments I
> was able to get the file size down to 89 MB.


> I've copied newbies and questions because I'm sure there are some folks
> there that would be interested in seeing it.
> http://freebsd0.sitetronics.com/~mmaltese/freebsd_vs_linux-techtv_20030902-edited.avi
> Enjoy, I'm going to bed. =)

you've earned it mate! thanks ;)

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