For the -newbies and -questions lists: freebsd0 is a west coast server at 100mbit. Please use it if you are west coast.

My other server is, which is east coast at 10mbit. Please use it if you are east coast. The files in question are:



The originals are ~260MB and the sound is not synched. Additionally, they contain some extraneous stuff with miscellaneous people promoting various products and telling bad jokes :).

Please feel free to use either server to create your own mirror of the file. Due to the multi-group post, I don't expect the bandwidth to be light and honestly wouldn't mind if other mirrors were created :)


Mike Maltese wrote:

An edited version of the FreeBSD vs. Linux Shootout that recently aired on
TechTV's "The ScreenSavers" will be available at around 4 AM PDT.  The audio
synchronization issues are fixed and by trimming out the other segments I
was able to get the file size down to 89 MB.

I've copied newbies and questions because I'm sure there are some folks
there that would be interested in seeing it.

Enjoy, I'm going to bed. =)

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