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> > I have that problem with an ASUS P4S533 motherboard. I add 
> > these sysctl
> > values to /boot/loader.conf:
> > 
> > hw.ata.ata_dma="0"
> > hw.ata.atapi_dma="0"

> OH MAN...... You don't know how many hours you just saved me!!! It boots
> up beautifully with 3 drives.
> Thank you!!!!
> For future reference, do you know why this happens?

Because some chip set / drive combinations don't work in DMA mode (don't
know why).

You can list the modes your drives are currently using with the
following command (as root):

atacontrol mode 0 (1st channel)
atacontrol mode 1 (2nd   -"-  )

For performance reasons you can try whether disabling DMA mode for your
ATAPI devices is enough, i.e. your /boot/loader.conf should look like



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