Le Lundi, 8 sep 2003, ŗ 14:04 Europe/Zurich, Ramanan Selvaratnam a ťcrit :

--- Alex Zivenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > You
must know it.

In windows name of port is comx
in Unix - /dev/cuax-1
com1 - cua0, com2-cua1, com3 - cua2
Have you win on this PC? Then you can see there.

What would be helpful to know (for future) is where one can find this detail on MS Windows filesystem once mounted from within a free > system.
Any clues?

You're not going to like it: AFAIK this is stored in the registery. But you can imagine having a dump of the proper keys done on windows exit (to a flat file). Under windows 2000, you would run that as a logoff script (group policies in the mmc). Under windows 9x, I don't know. I don't know if regedit can work as a command line, but maybe some command line tool exists.


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