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> The problem I have is that once Sysinstall keeps stopping towards the end of
> the installtion with the following message:
> "Unable to get packages/INDEX file from selected media."
> "This may be because the packages collection is not available on the
> distribution media you've chosen, most likely an FTP site without the
> packages collection mirrored. Please verify that you media, or your path to
> the media, is correct and try again."

That's because the mini-iso doesn't contain any packages.  However,
apart from installing some third party packages, you have, in fact,
successfully installed FreeBSD.

I suggest that you quit out of sysinstall, boot up your system in
FreeBSD, log in, make sure you set up the networking correctly and:

Either: install the cvsup-without-gui port by:

    # pkg_add -r cvsup-without-gui

Then use cvsup(1) to pull down the latest ports tree (see Appendix A.5
of the handbook for instructions:
and install the extra software that you want via the ports(7) system.
Each time you update the ports tree, remember to run 'make index' to
regenerate the INDEX file.  That takes a little time, as it has to
chew through about 9,100 ports and sort out all of the dependencies
and so forth.

Highly recommended (if you choose this route) that the first port
you install should be sysutils/portupgrade, then use portupgrade to
install everything else.

Or: from within FreeBSD, run sysinstall -- for 4.{8,9} it's
/stand/sysinstall, for 5.x it's /usr/sbin/sysinstall, go into the
Options section, set your installation media to FTP, choose a nearby
FTP server, then go into the 'Configuration' section and 'Packages'
within that.  This will download the packages/INDEX from the FTP
server and give you a fairly easy way to install what packages you



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