On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 02:05:15PM -0400 or thereabouts, Doug Lee wrote:
> These are the lines that look potentially relevant from my .muttrc:
> set edit_hdrs                 # let me edit the message header when composing

Okay, thanks.
> > > So I see it as a three-pronged problem:  (1) WebShield refuses From:
> > > lines containing "AUTH=<>", and WebShield just went into effect at the
> > > destination site; (2) my SMTP installation probably sometimes sends
> > > the "AUTH=<>" line because I started configuring that a while back
> > > (months ago); and (3) Mutt and somehow ONLY Mutt triggers the sending
> > > of the "AUTH=<>" on From: lines.
> > 
> > why is your auth sending a null value? Webshield could be hanging on this,
> My first question exactly. :-)

Here is what I am thinking... 1. You mentioned you can send via other
MUAs, pine, etc, so I am inclined to think that your SMTP auth is set up
properly in Sendmail... 2. Given this, I still think it could be a Mutt
problem.. I think you are getting a null Auth return because Mutt is not
sending your password in order to auth the SMTP transaction, and it is
getting bounced. 

Unfortunately, I do not know how to do this for SMTP in mutt, but only for
IMAPS.  Perhaps the Mutt list can help.. 

the only other thing I can think of, to rule out Sendmail as a cause, is
to log the entire SMTP transaction, say using Pine and Mutt with your
problem server. 

Good luck...


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