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Le Lundi, 8 sep 2003, à 22:01 Europe/Zurich, Jud a écrit :

Once you've installed FreeBSD, if you
can't boot back into Windows, use the Windows tools to restore the
familiar Win MBR: for 9x, boot from the emergency floppy and run fdisk
/mbr; for more recent versions, boot from CD into console repair mode and
run fixboot and fixmbr.

In my case, I think I could mount the windows partition only from linux. I couldn't read it with a dos disk (same w98 se). So I thought that it was some kind of incompatibility between the way FreeBSD/Linux and Windows recognized the drive's geometry. Installing freeBSD would change something in subtil way in the partition table that would confuse windows' boot loader. I did fdisk /mbr, sys c:, etc... to no avail.
Finally, installing windows in second solved the issue. I never really understood what happened though.

I have to mention the windows partition was not the first primary partition (well, ok, slice in BSDspeak).


In order to boot, a Windows 98SE partition ordinarily must "think it is" the first primary partition. This and the fact that you also had Linux installed (or was this a Linux CD?) indicates to me there was other software involved in your situation beyond simply Windows and FreeBSD.

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