Your Name wrote:
Hi all

Does freebsd provide dialin server function?

If yes, please give me hint

I can't get information in the documentation

Thank you

Hint - Search google.

But seriously, I searched google and here's what I found.

Dial-in service FreeBSD 3.2      04/03/2000

Most modems come preset for dial-out service.  To make your modem
answer incoming calls, several steps need to be taken.

1. Install your modem.

2.  Edit /etc/rc.serial to reflect the proper port for your modem.
    Uncomment the line modem d a 1 for a modem on COM2.  If your
    modem is on COM1, edit the line to read modem d a 0.  Be sure
    to check the speed settings in the modem() section to see if
    they are reasonable.  Most V32's should be set to 38400 and
    V42's to 56700.

3.  Check to see if your modem's port is listed in /etc/remote.
    Make sure the device file points to the correct port.  For a
    V42 modem on COM2, the line should read


4.  Use tip in FreeBSD to set the modem's nvram for echo off (E0),
    no result codes (Q1), and auto answer (&S0=1).  Then write the
    current profile to nvram and reboot the machine.  Here is the
    AT command sequence.  AT commands must be typed in separately.

at&v show current profile

ate0 turn off echo

atq1 turn off result codes

at&s0=1 turn on auto answer

at&y0 load new profile on boot

at&w0 write new profile

5. Reboot your machine to load the new modem profile.

6.  Edit /etc/ttys and uncomment the proper dial-in port line
    and set dialup to on.  Be sure to set your speed according to
    your modem.  For V32's, the line should read something like

ttyd1 "/usr/libexec/getty std.38400" dialup on insecure

For V42's, set the speed to std.57600.

7.  Start the getty process on your modem by typing kill -1 1 or
    kill -HUP 1.  The output from ps ax should show a line running
    a getty process on the modem's port.

935 ?? I 0:00.02 /usr/libexec/getty std.38400 ttyd1

8.  Test the dial-in connection from another machine.  If all is
    correct, you should get a login prompt.

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