Hi all,

We're moving from ipfilter to ipfw. Since we no longer run multiple
platforms, the benefits that we used to derive from ipfilter are
declining. Add to this the problems we've had when running it as a
module on 5.x (as opposed to compiled into the kernel), and we've
decided to move to ipfw. 

I'm trying to setup logging with IPFW. I've not compiled IPFW into my
kernel, but am instead using the ipfw.ko module. 

I have the following sysctl variables set:

However, I am still not seeing anything in /var/log/messages when I
portscan the machine. The firewall appears to be working, as we receive
nothing back on the portscanning machine, but I would like logging

I have the following in /etc/rc.conf

The only place I can see firewall_logging being used is in /etc/rc.conf
and that is being used to set a sysctl variable :

echo 'Firewall logging=YES'
sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.verbose=1 >/dev/null

any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here ? 

thanks in advance , 

Wayne Pascoe
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