Was just going about doing an upgrade to my primary mail server yesterday and right in the middle of it doing its thing I hear a beep, it stops, then reboots. No warnings, no errors, nothing. Just reboots. Tracking it back I was somewhere in the middle of upgrading /usr/ports/dns/p5-net-dns when it burped. It's done that to me before with python upgrades on a different box. I couldn't see what was actually happening at the console as I was across the room ssh'ed in when it did this. Logs don't show anything sadly enough and for some reason I can't get the box to log portupgrade or make so I can see when errors like this might happen. Anyone got any ideas what might be happening? I did get the port upgraded, but not before having to go in and clean up the mess that this reboot left. I can't say this was necessarily caused by the dns port I was upgrading cause it's done it in the past a couple of times with other ports nearly the same way. Yet after it reboots if I go in and install the port manually (usually have to as the port gets trashed because of whatever it is that reboots the machine) to fix it, then everything plays nice. I have no idea what's up. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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