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> Hi all
> After we installed freebsd 4.7, we have problem to update the port
> We want to install the cvsup to update the port but got the following 
> problem

You've got a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem here.  Since FreeBSD-4.7
was released, various updates to cvsup have also come out, and the
version of the source code available on the servers is
cvsup-snap-16.1h.tar.gz nowadays.

Of course, the simple way to fix that problem is to update your ports

The best way to break this impasse is to install cvsup-without-gui as
a precompiled *package*.  Now, the 4.7-RELEASE packages are no longer
on the ftp sites, having been replaced by packages built for later
releases.  Unless you've got disks 3 and 4 from the 4.7-RELEASE set
which will certainly have that package on it, you're going to have to
use a package built for a more recent version of the OS.  That's not
guaranteed to work, but often does when the OS versions are fairly
close together.  The cvsup-without-gui package is actually the sort of
package that does tend to work when installed in that way.

Try this:

    # pkg_add 

That should let you get your ports tree updated.  Note that, just like
packages, ports aren't guarranteed to compile properly or work on
older versions of the system, although they usually do.



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