On Tuesday 09 September 2003 02:00 pm, Claudiu Bichir wrote:
> Hy folks !
> I have FreeBSD 5.0 installed on my computer and I wanted to know how can I
> enable the COM3 & COM4 ports. The ports are disabled by default in 5.0.
> I tried to modify /boot/device.hints but with no hope .
> I commented hint.sio.2.disabled="1" and hint.sio.3.disabled="1" out but
> when I rebooted it said smt like "irq 5 not in bitmap of probed irqs 0
> ;port may not be enabled;" the same goes for sio3(but with 9 instead of 5)
> .I'm just starting so ... don't know what to do anymore. I already read the
> handbook and the sio(4) manual page but I haven't found something helpfull
> yet. I'm asking all this because I have an Aztech UM9800 external modem
> which's on COM3(at least that's what Windows shows )and I cannot change its
> COM port to 1 or 2 . It is recognized as ugen0 when the system boots.
> It is an usb modem but I was told by people on this list that I can use it
> with FreeBSD. If I can then I would appreciate any help from you on how to
> set it up. Thanks people !
If it is handled the same as FreeBSD 4.*, then you need to reconfigure the 
kernel.  Look for the following lines in your kernel's configuration file:

# Serial (COM) ports
device          sio0    at isa? port IO_COM1 flags 0x10 irq 4
device          sio1    at isa? port IO_COM2 irq 3
device          sio2    at isa? disable port IO_COM3 irq 5
device          sio3    at isa? disable port IO_COM4 irq 9

If they are there, delete the word "disable" in the lines for devices sio2 and 
sio3.  Recompile your kernel and reboot.

If the lines aren't there, then something probably changed in FreeBSD 5.* and 
you should ignore my advice.

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould
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