The best ever FTP daemon (and client) I have used is NCFTPd  whish I think is
at it's not free, but I have had to upgrade it I think once in 4
years for a security issue. Thats really good and well worth the little cost if
you need the extra features. (it has a free version)


On 09-Sep-03 Unnamed Administration sources reported Incredible Networks said :
> Hi,
> I need an FTP Server for FreeBSD 4.8 that complies with the following:
> 1. Anonymous (Read Only) and Authenticated (Read/Write) Access
> 2. Listens on multiple Interfaces (one for anynomous)
> 3. Anonymous Access redirect to specific location (partition)
> 4. Cannot Browse root (cd /) and expose directory structure (folders)
> 5. Can support Active Transfers (not passive)
> 6. Fast and Robust
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and installation pointers
> (configuration) would even be better!
> Currently running FTPD (Standard FreeBSD FTPD), but you can browse the whole
> server. :(
> I got the latest Ports Collections under /usr/ports
> Regards
> Schalk
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