There is a lame virus (probably written in VB judging by the size of the file) who keeps hitting the smtp servers, and I noticed it in the freebsd lists. It has attachments like .pif and .scr.

I also noticed it filled my e-mail box with 67.5 Mb in just 3-4 days. Now that was nice. It spreads using impersonated fake e-mail addresses but I noticed it is always being sent by the very same IP:
"The original message was received on Tue, 09 Sep 2003 23:45:15 +0300
from KLAUS ( []"

After more then 2 weeks, it still keeps pushing out junk smtp data, so I blocked any SMTP coming from that server (via ipfw hammer tool).

I hope this message will be helpfull to all of us. Cheers.


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