I have a problem with my FreeBSD-box acting as a NIS-client against company

Everything works smoothly except for the NIS-master repeatedly logging
Sep 10 20:27:00 ypmaster ypserv[14194]: refused connect from to procedure ypproc_order (my.domain,master.passwd.byname;-4)

This seems to be a result of my FreeBSD-box asking for map master.passwd which
of course does not exist on the Linux box.

Since company policy is 'mostly redhat 7.x' I have been requested to either
get my FreeBSD box stop asking for that particular map or switch back to
Redhat (*yack*)

So, is there a way for me to configure my box so that it still runs NIS but
without asking for master.passwd? I have tried googleing on the issue but
haven't found anything appropriate...

Please CC me on replies since I'm not subscribed to this particual mailing list.

Best regards,
Linus Sj÷berg
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