In the last episode (Sep 10), Linus Sjberg said:
> I have a problem with my FreeBSD-box acting as a NIS-client against
> company NIS-servers.
> Everything works smoothly except for the NIS-master repeatedly logging
> Sep 10 20:27:00 ypmaster ypserv[14194]: refused connect from to 
> procedure ypproc_order (my.domain,master.passwd.byname;-4)

If you try to run "ypmatch YP_LAST_MODIFIED master.passwd.byname" as
root (on your box and then on the master server), which error do you

reason: No such map in server's domain
reason: YP server error

Missing maps shouldn't get logged as "refused", since that error is
reserved for maps you are not permitted to read (either via the
securenets file or if the map exists, has the YP_SECURE key, and you
aren't root).

I looked at the source to Linux ypserv, and the only time it logs
"refused" is for those two conditions I mentioned above.  If you start
ypserv on the Linux box with the -d flag, it should log some more
information, including exactly why requests are refused.

> So, is there a way for me to configure my box so that it still runs
> NIS but without asking for master.passwd? I have tried googleing on
> the issue but haven't found anything appropriate...

Commenting out the lookup in src/lib/libc/gen/getpwent.c:mis_map() and
rebuilding world should do it.

        Dan Nelson
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