Dear FreeBSD people,

I have a cvsup package installation problem, need your precious help

I have  a FreeBSD4.3-release mail server, I need to to upgrade to
4.7-release inorder to configure SMTPAUTH feature.
According to the  article on internet of
For FreeBSE4.3, I need to use cvsup-16.le.tgz.
So I downloaded cvsup-16.le.tgz and put it in /usr/db/pkg/
As root user, I use the command
#cd /usr/db/pkg
# pkg_add cvsup-16.le.tgz
Then I cp the ../examples/ports-supfiles to /root/; and vi this file, gave
the site name as ""

Then I issue command
#cd /root/
#cvsup ports-supfiles
I got the error,
cvsup: Command not found

So it seems my package installation is not very successful. In this case,
can you please help out on this?
Thank you very much

Jennifer Zhao

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