> culley harrelson wrote:
> > I am a little shaky in the knees at this prospect.  This is on a
> > production web server getting over 1 million page views per day.  I
> > mod_php4, mod_auth_pgsql, mod_gzip, mailman, and I have some other
> > installed like squirrelmail, mnogosearch, a bunch of pear libraries
> > even sure if they are dependent on apache13), phpMyAdmin and probably
> > few other things I haven't even thought of. <gulp>
> You have complete backups, right?  You probably should have a test
server where
> you can test the software upgrade under non-production conditions...

If you have another machine you can do this with much less stress.
1.Build the second machine (aka "new" server);
2. Rsync the files over (or from a backup).
3. Pull the network plug on the original;
4. Run a script to fire off any extra ip addresses for your "new" server.
5. Apachectl startssl on the "new" server.

Now it should be running and you can do spot checks to see how your
crucial sites are doing... If everything is ok thats great! If not then
pull the network plug on the "new" server and plug the old one back in
while you see where the problems are on the new one...

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