> Hi All!!!
>   I wanna know. If my FreeBSD will fall Can I restore my information
>   in: /usr/info/*.* ???
>   I can't see FreeBSD's HDD (with his 165 format) in WinXP....
>   Can I read FreeBSD's hard from other computer????
>   Maybe I can see FreeBSD hard under WinXP????

Make backups (to tape, Zip, CD/DVD, another hard disk, whatever).   
You can restore from backups.   Use dump(8) and restore(8) for
whole file systems and tar(1) for directory trees that are not
whole file systems.

If you have another machine running FreeBSD in to which you can
physically install the hard drive, you can most likely put it 
there, create some extra mount points and mount and read the
FreeBSD slice/partitions.  In general you cannot do that from
operating systems other than FreeBSD.

But, if the reason that FreeBSD crashed is because the disk failed
then your only recourse is to restore from backups.  So, make backups!!.


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> Best regards, Denis
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