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> William O'Higgins wrote:
> >I recently installed FreeBSD 4.8 on a ThinkPad 600X.  The install seemed
> >to go fine, but when I reboot and I look at the menu, I have two choices
> >- F1 DOS, F2 FreeBSD.  There is nothing on the DOS partition, so I want
> > to press F2.
> >
> >There isn't any response however.  If I hit F1 it tries to boot the
> >remnants of the previous OS (Win98), but if I hit F2 I get squat.
> >
> >Does this ring any bells for anyone?  Or should I just install Windoze
> >first (I have to dual-boot :-( ) and then try again?  Any input would be
> >appreciated.  Thanks.
> > 
> >
> Hi William,
> You should install Win98 first, FreeBSD second. Win98 will overwrite the 
> boot manager installed by BSD and you'll have to reinstall ( provided 
> that you're using the boot manager. ). I have setup a bunch of dual boot 
> systems ( various win versions & FreeBSD ) and never ran into the 
> problem you are having. Did you do a custom install or the default one? 
> Can you give any further details of what you did during the install?
> Thanatos ( [EMAIL PROTECTED] )

If the only problem is with the MBR then it certainly shouldn't be
necessary to do a full re-install.  You could try to re-run sysinstall
by booting from the install floppies and then select Configure->Fdisk
and then press 'q' to skip the actual partitioning.  You will then be
prompted for the type of boot record you want to install.  I suppose you
would select the Boot Manager.  Based on what you said earlier, though,
it sounded like you installed FreeBSD second anyway, so things should
have worked the first time?

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