In the last episode (Sep 11), Linus Sjberg said:
> Dan Nelson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > If you try to run "ypmatch YP_LAST_MODIFIED master.passwd.byname"
> > as root (on your box and then on the master server), which error do
> > you get?
> ypmatch: can't match key YP_LAST_MODIFIED in map master.passwd.byname. reason: No 
> such map in server's domain

That sounds like a bug in RedHat's ypserv, actually.  A missing map
shouldn't be logged as "refused", and probably shouldn't be logged at
all unless debugging is enabled.

> > Commenting out the lookup in src/lib/libc/gen/getpwent.c:mis_map() and
> > rebuilding world should do it.
> I forgot mentioning that I'm running 4.9-PRERELEASE (doh), and I
> couldn't locate such a function but adding
>    return(YP_HAVE_NONE);
> in top of _have_master(char *_yp_domain) solved the problem for me.

Yes, that looks like the right change for 4.x.

        Dan Nelson
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