On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 07:55:10PM -0700, lists wrote:
>William O'Higgins wrote:
>>I recently installed FreeBSD 4.8 on a ThinkPad 600X.  The install seemed
>>to go fine, but when I reboot and I look at the menu, I have two choices
>>- F1 DOS, F2 FreeBSD.  There is nothing on the DOS partition, so I want
>> to press F2.
>>There isn't any response however.  If I hit F1 it tries to boot the
>>remnants of the previous OS (Win98), but if I hit F2 I get squat.

>Hi William,
>You should install Win98 first, FreeBSD second. Win98 will overwrite the 
>boot manager installed by BSD and you'll have to reinstall ( provided 
>that you're using the boot manager. ). I have setup a bunch of dual boot 
>systems ( various win versions & FreeBSD ) and never ran into the 
>problem you are having. Did you do a custom install or the default one? 

I fixed the issue by installing Windows (XP this time) first, then
FreeBSD, and I can now boot to either one from the boot menu.  Thanks to



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