On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 11:02:30AM -0700, John DeStefano wrote:
> I've been looking for an answer for the nForce2 chipset for months in
> various arenas, including on this list and on -net.  Nobody seems to
> have an answer; in fact, one person's reply on this list was "good
> luck".  The drivers to which Andrew refers above are for Linux, not
> UNIX/BSD, and Linux emulation does not seem to do the trick.

There are definitely FreeBSD drivers that exist for the graphics cards
(which my motherboard has).

> You may be able to get away with something on enabling some peripheral
> drivers such as audio, but enabling the on-board NIC, which has been
> my main concern, does not seem likely unless someone at nVidia works
> with a BSD developer to port over the proper drivers.

Reading the manual of my board I've found the onboard LAN is a Realtek
8201BL, which I'm hoping does not count as an ``nvnet'' NIC (I'm about
to get check up on this).  As you suggested the audio is not NVIDIA
stuff (Realtek ALC 650), so I'm hoping I can get this going too.

  I'm in the process of writing a letter directly to NVIDIA, which I
plan on posting, praising them for their work on the graphics cards,
while also suggesting they get their asses in gear with the nForce2
support.  I suggest you might also do the same.

  Best wishes.


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