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> >> Hi All!!!
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> >>   I wanna know. If my FreeBSD will fall Can I restore my information
> >>   in: /usr/info/*.* ???
> >>   I can't see FreeBSD's HDD (with his 165 format) in WinXP....
> >>   Can I read FreeBSD's hard from other computer????
> >>   Maybe I can see FreeBSD hard under WinXP????
> JM> Make backups (to tape, Zip, CD/DVD, another hard disk, whatever).   
> JM> You can restore from backups.   Use dump(8) and restore(8) for
> JM> whole file systems and tar(1) for directory trees that are not
> JM> whole file systems.
> JM> If you have another machine running FreeBSD in to which you can
> JM> physically install the hard drive, you can most likely put it 
> JM> there, create some extra mount points and mount and read the
> JM> FreeBSD slice/partitions.  In general you cannot do that from
> JM> operating systems other than FreeBSD.
> JM> But, if the reason that FreeBSD crashed is because the disk failed
> JM> then your only recourse is to restore from backups.  So, make backups!!.
> JM> ////jerry
> Thank you for your answer!

Post your questions to the list and not to me personally unless 
otherwise requested.

> The "slice/partitions" mount automatically by boot in FreeBSD?

Only if you have them defined in /etc/fstab
The FreeBSD sysinstall writes the ones it creates in to
the /etc/fstab file, but if you create others you have to put 
entries there for the ones you create - or always do the mounts by hand.

> If I have information in /usr/info. And I try to mount it hard disk
> from other hard disk which running FreeBSD too!
> Can I mount /usr/ partition from other hard disk (FreeBSD)?

I don't understand.   Are you trying to mount from one machine
to another?   For that, study up on NFS mounting.   
If they are both on the same machine, only one is running.   The 
other would just have stuff sitting on it.   You need to study mount(8)
and fstab(5) and related things.


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