Original problem description:
>>> ifconfig does not show the PCMCIA NIC (3Com 10/100, pretty standard and
>>> works under Linux, so I expect it's supported), and after some looking I
>>> think that I have the necessary kernel parameters built, but I'm 
>>> definitely missing something.

One of several interesting replies:
>FWIW, on my Thinkpad 600X w/ Linksys pcmcia, I had to use OLDCARD to 
>configure a kernel that would use the card. I may be missing the point, but 
>it might be worthy to note it also. 


It was suggested that I try ifconfig -a to see if the card was detected
but not configured.  It does not appear to be recognized.

pccard_enabled="YES" was and is in my rc.conf, but that was a good

The card is found in dmesg, but I find a message that looks ominous:
"32-bit cardbus not supported" or similar.  I get the same message when
I hotplug the card in.

The card is a 3Com Megahertz 10/100 card, model number 3CCFE575BT  I am
disappointed to not see this card in /etc/defaults/pccard.conf

I am running 4.8, and I suspect that this is obvious to the more
knowledgable by this point.

I don't quite know what to do with the suggestion that I use OLDCARD to
configure a kernel.  Could someone point me at some documentation?

Request for Advice:

If, in fact, I cannot use FreeBSD 4.8 and cardbus cards, am I better to
get a 16-bit card (possibly tricky, I did some looking) or move to 5.x
(which makes me, perhaps unnecessarily, nervous)?

thanks to all,


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