I have a box running 4.8 that is my gateway.  I've used this box with 2
NICs, one to my internal LAN and one to the Internet, and it works well.
Now I've added a third NIC and attached a Netgear wireless/ethernet bridge
(ME101) which I want to use to connect to a wireless access point (my
neighbor's).  Here's a diagram:

        Public IP
      ADSL Modem/Router
        FBSD 4.8 ------- rl0
            |             |
           dc1        |
            |       Wireless Bridge
       Internal LAN

I want packets addressed to the 0 subnet to be passed to the rl0 interface
and the 1 subnet to the dc1 interface.  All other packets should be passed
to dc0.

I've read the handbook on routing and I think my configuration is correct,
yet I can't reach any hosts on the 0 subnet.  Specifically I should be able
to connect to the web configuration interface on the bridge but can not.  I
can't even ping the bridge from the gateway machine.  I can ping the rl0
interface from machines on the 1 subnet.  Here's my routing table:

Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default            router             UGSc        6      660    dc1
localhost          localhost          UH          1       10    lo0
192.168.0          link#1             UC          2        0    rl0        00:05:5d:d0:ba:67  UHLW        0        8    lo0      link#1             UHLW        0        1    rl0
192.168.1          link#2             UC          4        0    dc0
bigdaddy           00:0c:6e:32:73:b1  UHLW        2     1195    dc0   1114
blacklamb          00:e0:18:c4:f4:5e  UHLW        0       39    dc0   1131       00:a0:24:95:d7:d8  UHLW        0       97    dc0    209      ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff  UHLWb       1       39    dc0
192.168.10         link#3             UC          1        0    dc1
router             00:c0:49:27:b2:0b  UHLW        7      600    dc1    765

Based on my understanding of the handbook, this should work.  Can anyone
confirm this for me?  Is there something I'm missing?



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