Script ->
# To roll up a zip file of source code

date=`date '+%Y-%m-%d'`

cd ~/temp
rm -rf foo_dev
export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/xxx/yyy/zzz
cvs -Q export -D $date -d foo_dev foo
zip -q -r foo foo_dev
scp -q server_name:
rm -rf foo_dev


Cron job ->
# export, zip up and scp foo source to server_name
17 14 * * * /home/bar/bin/export-foo 2> /dev/null > /dev/null

When I execute the script by hand, it completes without any problems.
When I let a cronjob handle it, it doesn't scp the zip file to the remote server.
I don't get any errors in /var/log/auth.log or /var/log/messages
Anyone has any ideas on how to fix this up?


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