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> look in /usr/local/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf 
> by default is:
> local   all         all                                             trust
> host    all         all   trust
> what you have to do is to change trust into password or md5
> hope that helps
> alex
> p.s. restart postgres after you change the conf file.

But when I do that, I'm prompted to enter the password for 'pgsql' whenever
I start the service.  That's pretty inconvenient when it's part of the boot
process; the system would be effectively hung until I accessed the box,
entered the password, and let the init sequence finish.

I'd read of people coming up with a mechanism to pipe a password from some
(hopefully) secure file on the system into the password prompt.  Is that
really the best way to handle this?
Kirk Strauser

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