On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 03:29:21PM -0700, Philip Hallstrom wrote:
> Hi -
>       I'm setting up ppp for the first time and it works with one
> exception.  It always dials immediately.  I've done the usual things and
> stopped all the processes, etc...  What's weird is that logging seems to
> indicate that this is causing it:
> tun0: TCP/IP: OUT <0>: fe80::230:1bff:feae:22e7 ---> ff02::1:ffae:22e7 (72)
> which looks like ipv6 which I'm *not* using... which makes me, well, very
> confused.

You may not be using it, but the log shows that it is configured.
Disable it in your kernel.


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